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Minlog-23: whatever it is that i do, I just did it again, coming soon from the Moon, but Puto will always be home. Farthest away from the drones.
Up gettin ready for work cashin a check, and hardware store for O-rings


Fighter was a really good fucking movie it was awesome everyone should see it and cry Mark Walberg is amazing.
Off with his head
Diary of a villan - Biography volume one (2001-2012) - Coming soon
Going to super wal-mart after.
Works of art aren't finished they're simply abandoned. About to tattoo my honeys angel wings six hours down ten to go! Hope we can get some new music
If you could see what im working on you'd be jealous.
In n particular order but well start with top 5' Echo-Eminem * Royce Da 59, Cult Leader-Tech N9ne, Fame-4 Legacy, Break The Chain-Lupe Fiasco, I Do It-Big Sean
.whats on the dukes itunes this month?


Youre at the family reunion trying to pull women, youre muslim, but all your kids are white, you need your ass beat. Tony roberts
You know if all you people im gonna delete as soon as i can paid me what you owe for tattooing and drawing i could afford security against electronic warfare
My book The (R)evolution(tm) Manual has been translated by into 3 languages who immediately had revolutions in their countries
Error dns server not recognized check spelling of address wtf
Sick of this fucking bullshit im famous enough that people are constantly hacking anything i use that is hackable got all these friends with com degrees wtf