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July 2011 Dueling Newsletters

From the desk of Deon Le' Wis. Duke

WARNING: Please read the newsletter and blog found at first. This is battling Newsletters Piers's Jewel-Lye 2011 versus my July 11 response.

People don't believe me when I tell them The Oxfords the only real dictionary, they've had Webster spoon fed to them their whole lives. Words are fascinating, but I'd rather play chess with real people.

Wish I had money to buy all these great books you review. We just barely scrape by so much that it turns the atheist girlfriend to believe in some higher guiding force. This can't possibly all be one big coincidence.

I get Netflix so I watch what I really wanna watch, not bargain bin items lol. Time is far to short for me to waste on random entertainment. Money is even shorter.

And Wisconsin is "Open for business." God save us all.

No I've had women throwing themselves at me since I was 13, I have no need for the old ways of treating women. Lol

I use Open Office, open source, Writer and it's got some serious glitches. Think I'm gonna use Adobe In Design for my next book maybe. Pro software I guess. You'll see, you'll be the first to review my crappy, barely edited version. This is gonna be the Limited Edition called, inspired by your success, Biography of a "Villain" - The life and times of a danger to himself and a threat to others. I think it's time to set the record as straight as I can get it. Not gonna really be able to get into it till Feb 9th cause there's no psychiatrists who will take my crappy insurance, and I can't afford to pay one. I'm so sick of sleeping, they have me drugged and asleep for 5 years now. It's time I got to tell my side of the story. The final revision of this will come when you give Florida University your correspondences from 1999-present, and I can sort through all my old emails to you. My memory is fading fast. Another side effect of this dangerous drug they shoot into my ass, memory loss. It's fucking torture, and all because I am too poor to pay someone to just stop this insanity and let me try some drugs with positive side effects instead of all these negative ones.

Scott Walker passed a law here in Wisconsin restricting "free" energy sources since he sold our electric company to his buddy. And I'm the fucking crazy one huh?

Its not just these republican states. Congress is discussing if we're going to Federally switch to an economically based system of rule. Where rich people are the new royalty and can do whatever they want, and poor people serve them at their beckon call for crumbs. It's gonna be a monarchy again, but money will dictate your status, not blood.

See everyone's blaming the Republicans, but both Democrats and Republicans have taken turns running this country into the ground for centuries now, the two party system has failed, and what these Republicans here in "the most segregated" rich, white, Republican area of the country is desperately trying to stop me from doing what I may not have pursued at all. Lulled to sleep naturally by the money and recreational drugs that come with our level of fame should we choose. But I've had nothing but abuse, and they've prevented me from making my way into the upper class, so I'm just gonna tear it down from the ground up. Imagine Deon Lewis Duke for president in 2016. It's more than just a dream. It's the reality they've been doing everything in their power short of just killing me to prevent it. They've been on my ass since I mentioned it 15 years ago.

And man I don't know what you honestly think of my intelligence, or ability to research, but start taking Creatine and DHEA ask your fans the dosages someone your age should be on. These drugs promote muscle growth, are mood stabilizers, anti-psychotic in nature, and are "anti aging, life preserving" drugs. These are the drugs I want to switch to, but they're trying to destroy my body, and chemically erase my memory. The last thing they want is me on some anti aging drugs. I need to talk you into a couple of things before you get to rest in peace kind sir. Take care of yourself, because you've got it in your power to save this one man from a life of torture. I'll write the autobiography, you turn it into a Biography, then I'll further expand on it when I have access to your and my emails. It could at least be a trilogy. I had all of the emails saved, but Microsoft was just deleting them from my save folder every year, and I just noticed in 2009 that's 9 years worth of writing that got deleted man. I'm fucking pissed, and I've lost everything I had on file twice during this time because of hard drive crashes with no back up.

Hey man 400,000 out of a few billion isn't too bad. Top 75-85% of the world. I made the jump from b-list celebrity to full fledged what the fuck famous this year. I averaged 1-15,000 views a year since 1996. This year since I been talking politics, and these legal/mental health issues, it's been 5-15,000 views a week. I'm constantly fighting off hackers now, and nobody says shit, nobody does shit, they just come and stare like Christians at a suicide.

I think America is abandoning Israel for other foreign interests now. It could get real interesting.

I see your Vegetarianism, and call with my all meat, sugar, and carbohydrate diet. Every nurse and doctor I see says I am the healthiest person they ever get to see. But do what you will, be the whole of the law. Let's both keep doing what's working, but yes I would be willing to pay more for my animal products if they would treat them better, no problem.

I'm no tumbleweed, every action is as planned as it can be with my brains planning, organizing, and motivation centers cut off. They've chemically lobotomized me, and I am using chemicals to fight off the sleep and get some fucking work done. I asked them if they have ever given someone anti-psychotics then had them successfully go back to work. I got an UH, UH, UH well. Fuck these mother fuckers, I'm not manic I'm pissed off at their stupidity and blatant lies. My social worker and the supervisor for the Mental health division tried to drop their commitment of me, but The Corporation Counsel, IE Ozaukee's Lawyers said, "that would be like admitting we were wrong". So they're just gonna waste my fucking life. This is a waste. I have approximately 1,000 works of art; drawing, songs, poems, books, research papers, business plans, grant proposals, that are all started but I can't get the motivation, organization, or mental executive functions to finish any of this shit. I don't have a single sell-able item. You got to help me.

Do you have other fans who've become "friendly" if not friends with you like I have. With years of continuous conversation? Could you see if they'd be interested in having all their conversations with you collected in a memoir of Piers Anthony - Conversing with the fans. They would get final say in what was printed about what they said, not trying to embarrass anyone but myself, and Ozaukee co. If you gave all of your correspondences to the Florida State University, and they allowed me access to mine and their specific files. I would prepare such a tribute for you. I just need to see a psychiatrist who is not being paid to keep me coming back for shots monthly, but is being paid by me to prescribe me what I need.2000

10 years of begging you to help down the drain.

That's a whale of a tale, this whole global warming thing. It's seems to get colder every year here in Wisconsin.

Lol damn you told them. Your smarter than the New Scientist and you can't figure out a way to help me? Lets repeat history and write a best selling biography of me. I've kept your attention all these years, and had 200,000 views online this year. Lets put together something that'll wake up half the country. There's an old joke that fits here but I can't for the life of me remember it. It ends with some farm animals hiding in the freezer and there's a dead plucked frozen chicken in there with them that serves as a warning. It could be worse. You could be that chicken. You were this chicken, but it's worse for me. Writing is a hobby, art is my job. And it drives me crazy not to be able to do both of them at least for a little while every day.

I know it must be getting difficult there out in the middle of nowhere. Me and my fiance could move by you and come take care of things for you around the house. A years service for one question being answered. How do I successfully pay for a psychiatrist to take me off this deadly drug, when I can't work. They are poisoning me. Torturing me.

You have my novel to write propelling you from fantasy obscurity into the mainstream cutting edge again, I am your big comeback.

There is so much more to write, but I'll let your eyes relax. I got my court papers. They call me dangerous and say I will hurt myself or others if not severely medicated, and yet they have no proof of this, no evidence, and they don't need evidence, just that in the psychiatrists professional opinion I am dangerous. I've never hurt myself and the only other people I've hurt is dudes I've slapped around instead of beating up. A bunch of disorderly conduct tickets in my youth. I'm 33 now lets get over this childishness.

I want to be broadcasting live online 24 hours a day. Then have someone call me crazy, all I do is work and sleep. I've been saying this for 10 years since the first time they tried to lock me a way for being dangerous for making a movie calling for a revolution. For writing the (R)evolution(TM) Manual, for drawing nearly a thousand works of art. That's what I've been doing I have it all here on a USB file. They don't wanna read the thousands of pages I've written. Or listen to my music. They want me to STOP, and shut the fuck up. When they started me on anti-psychotics 10 years ago after I released my movie and passed my book all over town, they said "Maybe this will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Well it hasn't, and I won't. I'm gonna keep broadcasting this cry for help on all stations, until I've reached the ears of the entire nation. If I'm broadcast online 24 hours a day they can't lie and say I'm crazy or dangerous, with no proof, cause the proof is in the constant supervision. I want to be monitored. I want to be analyzed.

Helping me is like going back in time and helping yourself.

Well I will let you all go now. I know facebook is nearly 3 times bigger than our country now, but I'm not bowing to a holy cow. Catch my blog, where ever it ends up. Or get it emailed to you. And if you want status updates subscribe to my Official web page by liking it

(hyper text transfer protocol SECURE) https://www.facebook.comDeonLewisDuke. I haven't really been using it yet just posting to regular Deon Duke giving people a chance to make the switch but by 2012 this is the only place I will be posting "status updates".

By Tax time next year I will have my own website, and people can find me if they want to. I don't need hundreds of thousands of lookie-loos. I just need you to stand with me and say I may be a little crazy, but that doesn't make me dangerous, and there is no reason to have me on dangerous anti-psychotics when there are alternative medications that are being proven to work better.

These medications are supposed to make me "docile and compliant". I'm not buying it. I'm fighting it with every once of my soul. And freedom is my only goal. If I was sober and back to myself 5 years ago I could have gotten enough online attention to get your X@(n)th movie made pronto. For sure. I would make it my only goal. If you'd just give me a hand to hold, to pull myself up out of this hole.

I'm in a room with no exits, but somehow your beyond these walls.

Post scripted,

What the fuck man you had some crappy artist do your book cover for your kids book. I would have made a masterpiece it looks like it was drawn in 1991 not 2011. Give me a project. I see your web underling did their job. Sorry I've done it 3 times these past 10 years, but this time I was just to busy trying to survive and hold onto my sanity. Next year I'll give it all a good go through for you.


Fallout Honest hearts, if you havent ttried hardcore mode and crafting here it is in detail lol awesome as always
Who will be the villan, all the strangers voted for me.
You dont know what i go through, so i would rather show you, 24 hour survailance coming soon!
Anybody seen my new tattoo, lion and lamb laying next to me
Got my haters lookin lonely in this mug, ha, taken a break no computer to write on so fuck wish i had a tattoo now stead of later
Comedy Central - Nick Swardson, Pretend Tine, hilarious watch it.



Minlog-23: whatever it is that i do, I just did it again, coming soon from the Moon, but Puto will always be home. Farthest away from the drones.
Up gettin ready for work cashin a check, and hardware store for O-rings


Fighter was a really good fucking movie it was awesome everyone should see it and cry Mark Walberg is amazing.
Off with his head
Diary of a villan - Biography volume one (2001-2012) - Coming soon
Going to super wal-mart after.
Works of art aren't finished they're simply abandoned. About to tattoo my honeys angel wings six hours down ten to go! Hope we can get some new music
If you could see what im working on you'd be jealous.
In n particular order but well start with top 5' Echo-Eminem * Royce Da 59, Cult Leader-Tech N9ne, Fame-4 Legacy, Break The Chain-Lupe Fiasco, I Do It-Big Sean
.whats on the dukes itunes this month?


Youre at the family reunion trying to pull women, youre muslim, but all your kids are white, you need your ass beat. Tony roberts
You know if all you people im gonna delete as soon as i can paid me what you owe for tattooing and drawing i could afford security against electronic warfare
My book The (R)evolution(tm) Manual has been translated by into 3 languages who immediately had revolutions in their countries
Error dns server not recognized check spelling of address wtf
Sick of this fucking bullshit im famous enough that people are constantly hacking anything i use that is hackable got all these friends with com degrees wtf